If you are a nail lover, you should not ignore these professional nail care tips. Becoming a “home-based” nail technician is not as difficult as you think, get started now!

Always keep your nails dry

The advice of a manicurist is to keep your nails dry because the moist environment will cause bacteria and fungi to grow, which is absolutely not good for your nails at all!

Ensure reasonable nail length
You may think that long nails will make manicure more beautiful. However, have you got this important information? The length of nail is inversely proportional to durability!
Experts always remind that longer nails will become brittle and fragile. Therefore, always cut nails with a reasonable length to keep your nails healthy!

Clean excess skin around nails
You should spend money on good nippers to help your nail care useful.
Before cutting your skin, be sure to use a moisturizer or essential oil to soften thesurrounding skin, which is easier and faster to clean skin.


File nails carefully
Nail filing seems simple, but if you do not pay attention, you may cause damages to your nails. Be careful to avoid filing nails too quickly or filing in messy directions that will lead to scratches and weak nails.
File gently from the center of the nail, then turn diagonally to the sides to get the perfect nails.


Do not change your paint color too often

Frequent change of color will cause your nails to become brittle and damaged by frequent contact with nail polish remover. The best way to care for nails is to change thepaint color once or twice a month!

Supplement vitamins

Vitamins A and C are important for your strong nails. Therefore, do not forget to supplement suitable nutrition with a diet rich in dark green vegetables, drink 2 liters of water a day to avoid dry and damaged nails.