Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - A thrilling collaboration between a Vietnamese manicure tool company and a globally renowned nail educator has brought forth a game-changing innovation: the KD.43 cuticle scissors. Paying homage to Nghia Nippers remarkable 43-year journey of innovation and development from 1980 to 2023, KD.43 promises unparalleled performance and quality, specifically tailored for discerning customers in Europe.

Crafted through the collective expertise of the company's skilled craftsmen and the expertise of top nail educator Ms. Anna Popova, KD.43 boasts many exceptional features.

Ms. Anna Popova with KD.43 scissors

At its core, KD.43 excels in precision cutting, thanks to its razor-sharp blades designed to effortlessly trim cuticles with utmost accuracy. This promises a flawless manicure experience for professionals seeking top-tier performance in their work.

Moreover, KD.43 is meticulously crafted from premium materials sourced from Korea, guaranteeing durability and longevity. The high-quality stainless steel construction enhances the scissors' resilience and ensures a rust-resistant finish, maintaining its pristine condition over time.

Professional Cuticle Scissors KD.43 

The design of KD.43 sets it apart from conventional cuticle scissors. Its uniquely crafted shape ensures comfortable handling, ensuring a precise and easy cuticles trimming experience.

KD.43 in premium case packaging

Expected to shake up the manicure industry, KD.43 offers outstanding precision, quality, and comfort. As the latest addition to the company's illustrious line of manicure tools, KD.43 represents persuasive evidence of Nghia Nippers burgeoning presence in the global beauty market.

For further details and to experience the transformative capabilities of KD.43, contact us for more information: info@nghia.vn or call us on +84 909 250 744