This morning (November 16) – A beautiful sunny and warmer day! It may be because the “17th Blood Donation Day” of Nghia Nippers Corporation at Hoc Mon Factory with the participation of nearly 150 employees of Nghia Nippers.

Photo 1 - Examination and screening, first steps to determine eligibility for blood donation.

This is an annual program of Nghia Nippers Corporation to enhance the humanistic and practical values brought from this noble and meaningful act.

Photo 2 - Nghia Nippers’ employees are lining up to wait for blood donation.

It is Nghia Nippers’ staff!  As long as we have enough health conditions, we will not be afraid of anything but willing to dedicate a part of our valuable assets in order to share and help others.

Nghia Nippers’ staff helps others’ life with a meaningful action: “Blood donation”.

Let's review these great warm moments this morning and save good compliments to these staff for joining this blood donation program.