Step 1: Prepare tools
Necessary tools include:
- Nail clippers or nippers.
- Nail file
- Acetone and cotton balls (if necessary)
Note, nail nippers must have a sharp blade so that they do not make nail claws.

Step 2: Clean nails
Wipe off old paint with Acetone for painted nails, and unpainted nails to clean nails. Then wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap.

Step 3: Soften nails
To make nail nippers easier, soak your nails in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes to soften them. After soaking, wipe nails with a soft cloth.
Be careful not to do manicure when your nails are still wet as they will be more vulnerable.

Step 4: Use good nail nippers
After locating, use nippers to cut nail. Remember to choose good nail nippers so that the cut is definitive, limiting scratches and splitting.
While cutting, be sure to take some time to compare nails to make sure they are evenly trimmed.

Step 5: File
This is a very important step to determine the success of right square shape. First, use a nail file to file across the top of nails, only file in one direction.
Next, file the two sides of the nail in turn in a direction from the edge to the center of the nail, remember to file in one direction.


Finally, gently file the sharp corners on both sides of the nail to make it slightly curved. While filing your nails, you should also pay attention to compare nails to ensure they are even; if they are not even, continue filing.

Step 6: Care and protect nails
Square nails tend to grow round, so it is very easily lost their shape. Therefore, you need to trim and file regularly to keep their initial beauty.
You may apply a nail polish to keep your nails strong.

So you've got square nails. It is not difficult to create perfect square mails, right? Wish you success and do not forget to follow Nghia Nippers articles so that everyone may become a beauty expert.