In order to own perfect nails, your nail shape plays an important part. How to choose your own nail shape? This article will help you find the perfect answer.

1. Square nails

Square nails are the best choice for long, small fingers with a large nail surface. It will help your hands look classy and your nails look tougher.

2. Round nails

For those with thin hand bones and brittle nails, round nails are really a “savior”. Round nails are not angular so it is difficult to break and its owners won’t be obstructed when working. This is an ideal “item” for office ladies!


3. Oval nails

How to stretch a short hand? Very simple! You may choose oval nails. Your hands will look thinner and more delicate.

4. Squoval nails

As a combination of square and oval nails, squoval nails will be more rigid than oval nails, slenderer than square nails. This style fits all shapes of finger because of its length and moderate angle.


5. Mountain peak nails

If you are looking for a nail style to keep your fingers slenderer and longer but still look youthful, you should consider mountain peak nails!

The difference between this nail shape and the sharp shape is the length; mountain peak nails are much shorter than sharp nails, making it easier for you in all activities.